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Meet Alexandra Chloe

Alexandra Chloe is 20-year-old business student & blogger based in New York City.

Meet Alexandra Chloe

Alexandra Chloe is 20-year-old business student & blogger based in New York City.

She’s first generation American and fluent in Russian. Her days consist of being in school full time and growing her blog outside the classroom. If she’s not studying, she’s either shooting content, writing e-mails, or binging on Netflix.

I interpret "Only what you need" as the essentials I need in my day-to-day life to survive or feel good.

What does "only what you need" mean to you?

Of course, you have the more obvious essentials: water, shelter, etc. But, essentials vary from person to person based on your lifestyle and your own physical and emotional needs. Something that I need in my day to day, may not be an essential to someone else’s.

“Only what you need” can be regarding what you need to survive, only what you need to lose weight, only what you need to get fit, only what you need to stay motivated. For me, “only what you need to stay motivated”, is probably the most important to me, especially in this new year.

2017 was an experimental year for me; it was a year of growing and developing my blog into a job. There were many times where I felt unmotivated, uninspired, where I just wanted to quit because I kept comparing myself and my work to other’s. I kept drawing goals that were unrealistic to achieve and that weighed me down and caused me to become unmotivated.

To get back on track, only what you need, means getting rid of all the physical and non-physical things that weigh you down from being your best and most productive self. By doing that, you learn to develop self-awareness, confidence and self-control by putting your own needs first.

What's one thing you don't really need that you'd hate to live without?

I definitely don’t think I can live without Spotify. I spend 17/24 hours listening to music; the other 7 I’m sleeping! Music is my way to escape reality and it’s also something I turn to inspiration or to put me in a specific mood. I have a playlist for everything!

Also, I think it’s important to treat yourself to a little pampering and I know I can’t live without getting my nails done or getting my 10-minute chair massage every other week. Sometimes, it’s little things like this that raise your happiness and motivation. I’m a strong believer in look good, feel good.

Which OWYN product/flavor is your favorite?

Definitely the dark chocolate and vanilla! I can’t pick just one!