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Meet Emily Fayette

Emily Fayette is a flywheel instructor & fitness influencer

Meet Emily Fayette

Emily Fayette is a flywheel instructor & fitness influencer who aims to infuse energy & positivity so that people can find and live their max joy.

We all live in a fast paced world where hustling from one place to the next is the complete norm. Emily knows that the hustle is present, but not always healthy. Her platform, the Healthy Hustle (@thehealthyhustle), is designed to create the happiest, healthiest and BEST version of her followers and clients. Emily knows this is what she was born to do and wakes up everyday excited to enhance people’s lives.

What does "only what you need" mean to you?

I interpret "Only what you need" as the essentials I need in my day-to-day life to survive or feel good.

Would you ever overfill your car with gas? Or would you ever put the wrong fuel in your tank? I try to eliminate unnatural or unnecessary foods from my diet.

What is "only what you need" on the go?

As a Flywheel instructor, certified personal trainer, health coach, group fitness instructor and life mentor in NYC, I have dedicated my life to help others. My schedule is always packed, so I bring my meals and snacks with me. OWYN makes is easy for me to fuel my body with what it needs before and after workouts!

What advice do you have for people trying to stay healthy while leading a crazy busy life?”

The advice I give to all my clients to help them stay healthy while living a crazy busy life is to PLAN AHEAD! I spend time every Sunday to plan out my week on Google Keep, prep my meals and get a head on playlists/emails. It is my reset to reflect on the past week and to plan for a successful week ahead.

This is just one small healthy habit I have put into my weekly routine. I find that the more healthy habits you practice, the harder it is to dive into unhealthy foods/activities.

What's one thing you don't really need that you'd hate to live without?

I love to keep life simple and healthy, but sometime you have to treat yourself! I try to make everything in my own kitchen, but I am guilty of spending $12 on a fresh juice.

Which OWYN product/flavor is your favorite?

cold brew coffee protein powder.

It gives me just the right amount of energy and strength to power through each day! I am grateful that I discovered OWYN, because it makes living easy and healthy. I know that I am getting the right nutrients and fueling my body with what it needs!