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Meet Lisa

Lisa Hayim is a registered Dietitian and founder of The Well Necessities.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Hayim is a registered Dietitian and founder of The Well Necessities (aka, TWN), a private practice and wellness blog.

At TWN, we educate on nutrition and inspire healthy relationships with food. is known for its signature 5 ingredient or less plant based recipes. Lisa takes the intimidation out of cooking, and proves recipe after recipe that simplicity is key.

When Lisa is not working, you can find her doing slow yoga, the stair master, or finding the best under the radar plant based eats in NYC.

What does "only what you need" mean to you?

This is such a powerful sentiment. Growing up for me, my life was full of STUFF. The more I had, the happier I thought I would be. I spent most of my life trying to enhance both my health and happiness through more tangible things. Fast forward to now, where I spend most of my daily hours trying to simplify and streamline nutrition via healthy habits. Each day that means eating greens and 1 probiotic food source at least once a day, and making sure healthy fats are at each meal. It’s less about all the fancy potions and super foods we see hyper-marketed. At home, I live by the same rules.

Less stuff, less clutter, more happiness, more ease.

What's a quick and easy way to incorporate OWYN into your day?

Protein is the center (next to veggies!) at all my meals. However, getting quality plant based protein in throughout the day can be challenging. The OWYN protein shake is the perfect on the go fuel post workout that I can easily throw into my bag. When I have a bit more time, I will use the powders to make delicious smoothie bowls. Recently, I made a smoothie bowl with the shake itself. Instead of using almond milk, I subbed for the liquid protein shake. It’s a delicious blend of frozen banana, almond butter, and OWYN cold brew coffee plant based shake. This is a new staple at TWN HQ.

What is one thing you don't really need that you'd hate to live without?

Weekly house keeping, but living in a small apt in NYC means clutter even when living with just the basics!

Which OWYN product/flavor is your favorite?

Cold Brew Shake, because...COFFEE!