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Meet Maddy Ciccone

Maddy Ciccone is a SoulCycle instructor, boss woman, and full-time unicorn.

Meet Maddy Ciccone

Maddy Ciccone is a SoulCycle instructor, boss woman and full time unicorn, as her Instagram bio states. When she’s not rocking the podium, she likes to hit the bag at a boxing class or reset in any of her favorite local yoga studios.

What does "only what you need" mean to you?

I think in 2018 there is this common goal, at least I feel like its trending, to SLOW DOWN, be more present and “in the moment,” and not to be obsessed with social media. It’s an odd balance though as is has become something that is part of our daily routine, especially those of us who work in any kind of the creative, blogger, design, or tech space. I know that Social Media is a key way to market myself as a brand and stay connected with as many of my followers and friends as I can on my fitness journey.

“Only what you need” in some ways is almost like trimming the unnecessary things out of my life & keeping all the things that matter around.

Doing more of what fills me up and makes me whole vs. feeling obligated to do things or say YES! to something that just isn’t completely serving me. For instance, I used to belong to a traditional gym on top of teaching all the time and when I would motivate myself to actually get there, I would literally be like “I HATE THIS.” I am acually a huge fan of Classpass currently because I can pick and choose all different group fitness classes around Boston which I find more motivating. On top of this I am committing to some old hobbies of mine this year and trying to “get back into” dancing, horseback-riding, and while the snow holds up, skiing.

What's your best time saving tip for when you hit snooze to many times?

Speaking of early mornings, my best tip to save time is to lay out everything the night before. It almost seems silly, kinda like you would lay your outfit out for the first day of school, but it seriously works. I always make sure my first outfit of the day (including shoes) is laying out on my desk chair the night before and my backpack is packed with another clean outfit, snacks, vitamins, and all the “essentials” so I can be out the door and on my way as quick as possible. I have always been a “sleep till the last possible second” type person. I have some friends that get up hours before even their 5:30am classes because they need time for their body to wake up. I am not that person. Rise and shine, Let’s Go!

Which OWYN product/flavor is your favorite?

Cold brew hands down. As I mentioned before I will never give up my coffee.

Follow Maddy on Instagram at @maddztaddz.