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Meet Patrick Frost

Meet Patrick Frost

Patrick Frost is a Master instructor with Barry's Bootcamp & Nike.

Patrick Frost is a Master instructor with Barry’s Bootcamp and Nike.

Patrick is AAPT / NASM / Rehab Habilitations / TRX / KETTLE BELL level 1 certified. The Georgia native has spent the past 8 years in NYC and has recently relocated to Miami Beach. He has instructed classes at Barry's Bootcamp and shares tips on his Instagram.

What does "only what you need" mean to you?

It means you can travel all over the world and during those brief stints away from the gym, as long as you have just one item are always ready to make any space your gym.

What is "only what you need" for a quick and easy workout?

For this workout you’ll need a jump rope and a towel! If you have access to a mat grab one as well.

Describe a full workout routine you can do with just a jump rope?

This is more of a HIIT and jump rope lower body and ab workout.

Warm up

  • Cat cows 60 seconds
  • Down dog to up dog 60 seconds
  • High plank to step out to T-spine rotation (alt) 60 seconds

Abs Workout

On your back pressing your lumbar spine into the floor drive you right hand and left knee together creating contralateral tension. (Opposite foot is on the floor) push as hard as you can and maintain effort for 20 seconds then switch to the opposite side for 20 seconds. Follow with a hollow body hold for 20 seconds and repeat 2-3x.

Standing up again, you’ll start by simply folding your jump rope in half and laying it down by your feet. You’ll start to laterally bound over the rope for 45 seconds for speed using both feet then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat the lateral bounds adding in a rotation (you jump both feet over the rope to the right and rotate the toes to the right as well and vice versa to the left) for speed 45 seconds then rest again for 20 seconds. You’ll do the same movements single leg style with the right leg then left, 30 seconds each for both the lateral bounds and the rotational lateral bounds with 15 seconds of rest between. Remember you are working for speed!

After you have initiated some ankle stability you are ready to rock.

Continue with 2 mins of a comfortable jump, basic jump rope. (For set 2, add some alternating fee. Set 3, add in some lateral jumps and rotational jumps)

Then fold the rope in half again and align it to the back part of your head, mid back and tailbone and proceed to hinge (these are called good mornings) using one hand to keep band against head and the other hand against tailbone. 20 reps.

Using the folded jump rope, pull the rope in front of the body with both arms shoulder height and proceed to back lunge with your right leg staying still and rotate over your right thigh as you step back with the left leg. 20 reps.

Do the same on the opposite side, doing 3 sets total of the above!


  • 30 second double unders if you can or simply speed jumps
  • 30 second break
  • 30 second long jumps (jump forward explosively, turn around and repeat)
  • 30 second break
  • 30 second jump lunges
  • 30 second break
  • 30 second jump rope high knees
  • Repeat 3x

Ab Finisher

  • Lay on your mat or towel & bring the folded rope with you
  • 30 second Hollow body hold with tension in the band trying to pull it apart (over hips beginners, and overhead advanced)
  • 45 second tuck up placing the band under legs
  • and extended to tuck up and placing band over legs and extending
  • 45 second rotational twist
  • 60 second elbow plank
  • Repeat 3x

That’s it! You can make your own variation of the above, focusing on just abs or just the power circuit. There’s so much you can do with just one piece of equipment.

What's one thing you don't really need that you'd hate to live without?

My blender. I love making shakes or quick meals. It would make my life so much harder to not have that tool in the morning!

Which OWYN product/flavor is your favorite?

The coffee one is my favorite for sure. I love the taste of them all but I love the extra caffeine kick.

Follow Patrick Frost on Instagram at @patrickfrost2.

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Meet Patrick Frost

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