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Top Fitness Trends for 2019

What changes have you noticed in your weight, size or shape? Is a little space returning to the waistline of your old skinny jeans? Do you feel challenged by your weekly exercise routine?

Top Fitness Trends for 2019

the year is in full swing, and we are deep into those resolutions to tackle that stubborn health goal,

eat better, be more diligent with our workouts and finally overcome that plateau that became a mountain over the holidays.

Perhaps you began meal prepping, added in a daily OWYN protein drink, increased your natural supplements and recommitted to your favorite exercise regime. Have you been keeping track of your results? What changes have you noticed in your weight, size or shape? Is a little space returning to the waistline of your old skinny jeans? Do you feel challenged by your weekly exercise routine? Do your muscles burn and need a day of rest? If you have been diligent in your routine but your body is refusing to change, we may have the answer you’re looking for.

repeated bout effect

If you’ve been in the fitness world for some time now, you’ve most likely heard that doing the same exercise over time begins to yield less and less results. This is what is known as the repeated bout effect, which means the more you do a certain behavior or action, the less it will impact you because you’ve grown accustomed to it. It’s our body’s natural form of protection. When you do the same workout all the time, your body adapts to that level of exertion and redistributes its use of energy. You’re not actually burning less calories during the activity itself. Instead your systems run more efficiently and use less calories in resting states, during digestion and in our daily lives.

So if 2018 was dedicated to spin classes or kickboxing, then these are not going to yield the same results. When your muscles stop burning, your heart rate no longer reaches its max and the movements have become rote, you are no longer changing and sculpting your body. You are maintaining. This is why fitness trends are so important, especially if you are an athletic person. Once you become accustomed to your workout level, the only way to continue improving your body is to reach for the next level and so on. Those of us who are weekend warriors or only exercise the month or two before a big event can actually lose weight faster and easier at the beginning, but we all reach the proverbial plateau. The repeated bout effect is to blame.

So take a look at the hottest new workout trends for 2019 and see which ones you will incorporate in your weekly sweat session. Perhaps you will try them all! For those who are extremely fit and at a high level of physical activity, you may want to change up your practice every 3 – 4 weeks. For those just getting started, your body may still be burning up to 6 – 8 weeks in. Everyone should work to change up the frequency, intensity and time spent in any workout every week to avoid muscle memorization and boredom.

1. the treadmill

According to ClassPass, it looks like one of the gym floor classics is making a huge comeback! The treadmill is seeing a reemergence into workout popularity. Classes are now being offered with group treadmill routines. 2018 saw an 82% increase in treadmill classes and that number is on the rise. Entire studios are opening to feature this humble machine in a new light. One of the highlights is a virtual running class to get your head out of the gym and add a little care for your mind as well as your body. Different workout technologies and apps are also offering fresh audio coaching during your runs to keep you focused on your technique, breathing and speed.

once you become accustomed to your workout level, the only way to continue improving your body is to reach for the next level...

2. hiit has only just begun.

We heard a lot about HIIT in 2018 as workouts continued to get shorter while still giving us great results. This year we are going to see it a bit differently with the benefits of high intensity training being absorbed into other popular exercise trends. The most interesting blend of late is power yoga with HIIT making this anything but a zen breathing experience. Check your gym for classes like fire yoga or Core Power Yoga and be prepared to take your favorite workout up a notch, or ten by combining powerful movements in rapid succession and preformed at 120%! HIIT is also finding the treadmill group as sprint sessions combined with walking rests and elevation changes is raising heart rates and lowering gym time.

3. aerial and circus sports

Working out may be hard, it might challenge your willpower, it may even push your body to its limits, but it should never be boring! Flying will definitely get your adrenaline pumping and your muscles burning as you take to the aerial silks hanging from the ceiling. If wrapping yourself in ribbons and flying through the air in a myriad of positions doesn’t interest you, perhaps you would prefer a stationary flying class like aerial hoops! This still activates your arms, shoulders, back and core while keeping you incredibly flexible.

4. technology brings workouts back home

With today’s busy schedules, we may not be able to commit to a regular gym schedule. Fitness apps and watches understand our on-the-go lifestyles and now offer virtual classes, video tips and a 2019 favorite, the virtual trainer. Having your ideal workout ready with the tap of a screen at any time and anywhere opens up your availability to workout when the moment is right.

5. wellness continues to take center stage

We saw a massive increase in overall wellness and self-care throughout 2018, and that will be continued through 2019 as we become more focused on physical, mental and emotional health as a whole. We should see the focus drop from body conscious advertising to a more rounded approach as we tackle working out for wellbeing over appearance. There will also be a continued rise in wellness retreats, destination fitness camps and training to combine food, exercise and emotional balance.