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Meet Sherica


Sherica Holmon is a Personal Trainer, Health Coach and aspiring Life Coach...

on a mission to helping the world achieve their full potential physically, mentally and spiritually! She is a huge advocate for empowering women to love themselves and embrace their natural being. She strives to be a realistic image for women, empowering all to be your own beautiful.

What does "only what you need" mean to you?

One of my health goals is to fuel my body with only the good stuff. That means I only want to put into my body words that I can pronounce. I like to keep my nutrition fresh and simple, eating Whole Foods rather than packaged. If I do choose a packaged food it must have less than five ingredients. That is what Only What You Need means to me in the nutrition realm. In general I strive to live a life that is simple, fulfilling and healthy for me just like OWYN protein!

...health goals is to fuel my body with only the good stuff.

What does it mean to you to "be your own beautiful?"

All of us are uniquely beautiful in our own way. We gain nothing by striving to replicate an image that we see in Hollywood or in the magazines. When you shine authentically-you share a gift to the world that no one else can give. By simply being yourself you will inspire others to do the same

What is one piece of advice you give to each of your clients?

Be patient and kind with yourself along your fitness journey. It is meant to be a roller coaster. Yes, we will have off days and will feel unmotivated. But what matters most is to move forward from that day. To understand that you will not be perfect and to continue to strive towards your goals regardless of your circumstances.

What is one thing you don't necessarily need that you can't live without?

My hydroflask! I just received it as a gift from my wonderful parents. This water bottle never leaves my side since that day lol.

Which OWYN product/flavor is your favorite?

Cold Brew Shakes!