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Complete, plant-based nutrition.
Complete, plant-based nutrition.
Complete, plant-based nutrition.

Plant Based Protein Powder

  • 20g Plant-Based Protein

    Complete protein providing all 9 essential amino acids

  • No Stevia, Sugar Alcohols, or Artificial Anything

    Pronounceable Ingredients. What's Inside Matters.

  • Superfoods Greens Blend

    Every serving of OWYN contains Broccoli, Kale, and Spinach

Plant Based Protein Powder
  • Superfoods Greens Blend

    Every serving of OWYN contains Broccoli, Kale, and Spinach

  • 1B CFU Probiotics

    To Support Gut Health

  • 2:1:1 BCAAs

    We blend Pea, Pumpkin, and Chia to provide all 9 Essential Amino Acids and a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs

Protein Powders

Low Net Carbs

Probiotics + Greens for Immunity

Our allergen-friendly Plant Protein Powder contains a premium multi-source plant protein blend with 20g of protein per serving. Combined with probiotics and a superfoods greens blend for added nutritional benefits.

Features & Benefits
OWYN Smooth Vanilla Protein Powder 1lbOWYN 1lb Smooth Vanilla Protein Powder Features
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Our Protein Powder Reviews

730 reviews
Mirjana S.

OWYN is an excellent protein powder. It mixes well and has a great taste. I order the dark chocolate.


With food allergies and sensitivities I can't keep track of, OWYN has been a life saver. Tastes great, gives me the nutrients I need, and I don't have to worry about the ingredients.

Giavanni A.

It's been a journey trying to find a protein powder that meets all my needs: dairy-free, plant based and nut-free, with daily nutrition, probiotics, and omegas. This hits everything on my list and at a better price point than most of its competitors. The taste is definitely acquired, but good once you adjust.

David F.

Great addition to our 2 pm smoothies. We are then all set until 6pm dinner!

Michael S.

it's delicious. It tastes just like a chocolate shake. Sometimes I have double shakes and this is perfect and doesn't get too gritty.

Adrienne C.

OWYN protein powder is my favorite! I am an athlete and struggle to get enough protein in my diet, but OWYN protein powder has been a life saver!! i love the vanilla and chocolate flavors and will definitely continue to buy them.