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Find Your Protein.
Find Your Protein.
Find Your Protein.

Protein Shake Reviews

Janice B.

Plant based is perfect for me since I cannot tolerate dairy. I also like that it has natural ingredients and no soy. My go to morning start to the day.

Benjamin T.

These are the perfect shakes for post-run recovery. I really love the flavor (not chalky) and an ingredient list I understand.

Taylor M.

I have been drinking OWYN protein chocolate for the last 2 years and love it! It’s my go-to drink after an intense work out. It has great flavor.

Marisa H.

The dark chocolate is delicious; no funky aftertaste, creamy and satisfying. OWYN is the only protein drink I buy; great nutritional stats too. ❤️

Carol W.

Tastes best refrigerated, but it’s nice to have the flexibility to store boxes in the cupboard if you’re ordering in bulk. Doesn’t taste chalky, much more nutritious than most shakes. A nice light breakfast or afternoon snack.

Nancy F.

These make a very nice treat when you want something nutritious and yummy.