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5 reasons why plant-based is not necessarily vegan and vegan is not necessarily plant‑based

OWYN Protein Shakes are not only 100% plant-based and certified vegan, but are truly vegan. Read on to see why this matters and why not all “vegan” and “plant-based” is created equal.

1. Certified Vegan does not mean lactose or egg free

If you are avoiding dairy, you certainly do not want trace lactose in your food products. Unfortunately, the vegan certification agency does not validate that final production lots of so-called vegan food and beverage items are truly lactose free. The vegan certification agency only ensures that your recipes are not formulated with animal products. At OWYN, we created an unprecedented process in beverages. Every ingredient is independently tested before manufacturing and every finished production lot is independently tested after manufacturing by two third parties to validate that we are free from the top 8 food allergens including dairy, egg, fish, and shell‑fish.

2. Equipment needs to be sanitized to prevent cross-contact with allergens

Ever wonder what items were produced immediately before your so-called vegan item was made and if the manufacturing equipment was properly sanitized prior to running your so-called vegan item? Testing product to ensure lactose is below a particular parts per million (ppm) threshold is critical to providing you with confidence that an item truly is egg, lactose, fish, gluten, nut, or shell-fish free. At OWYN, our testing thresholds are published here.

3. All production lots require cross-contact testing

What happens if mid-way through a production run, a worker on the equipment line drops some egg salad off his sandwich, which ends up in the batcher? Although this is highly unlikely, the takeaway is the only way to confirm with confidence that there was no cross-contact throughout an entire production run is to test all production lots from that run. At OWYN, every production lot is tested by two independent third parties after manufacturing. Products are not shipped out the door until we receive results from these tests.

4. Non-dairy could be vegan, but vegan doesn’t necessarily mean plant-based

There are some non-dairy protein shakes that do not contain any plant-based ingredients. And although they might not be plant-based, some of these non-dairy items could qualify as vegan. Non-dairy is only plant-based when formulated with 100% plant-based ingredients. At OWYN, our proprietary protein blend is not only 100% plant-based, it also provides all the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) your body requires. We also include kale, spinach, and broccoli to provide a boost of greens.

5. Plant-based that lacks testing might not be plant-based

Although ingredient lists on some plant-based items do not have processed foods or animal products, this might not be true. Similar to products requiring testing to validate that an item is truly vegan by having no trace of cross-contact, plant-based items require the same scrutiny to ensure an item is truly 100% plant‑based.

The commonality behind 100% plant-based and true vegan foods is that they both require testing to validate that there is no cross-contact with the bad stuff. OWYN is the only brand among all beverages that provides plant-based and vegan consumers with the confidence they need to know that these items are truly both plant-based and vegan.

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