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Pro Elite High Protein Powders

Amazing Taste

30g Protein

Zero Sugar

10 reviews

Unbeatable taste, with zero grams of sugar & low net carbs. Our 30g of multi-source vegan protein contains all 9 essential amino acids and 5.5g BCAAs to help support muscle recovery.

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Plant-powered protein formulated to support gut health and everyday wellness

Contains: Only What You Need

  • High Quality Plant-Based Protein

    30 grams of a plant protein blend providing all 9 essential amino acids.

  • Zero Sugar / Low Net Carbs

    180 Calories / 0g Sugar/ 2-3g Net Carbs to supports ketogenic and low carb diets.

  • 5.5g BCAAs

    High in protein, including 5.5g BCAAs, to help build muscles & support recovery.

Contains:       Only What You Need
  • Probiotics

    2B CFUs Probiotics to support digestive health.

  • Zero Major Allergens

    All of our products are tested to ensure they are free from the Top 9 allergens, including dairy, soy, gluten / wheat, egg, peanuts, and tree nuts.

  • Vitamins & Minerals Blend

    Vitamins A, C, D and E & minerals Iron & Zinc blend to support immune health and performance.

Non-GMO Project Verified
Allergy Friendly. No dairy, soy, peanut, tree nuts, wheat/gluten
FARE - Food Allergy Research & Education
OWYN Vanilla Protein Powder with girl smilingOWYN Vanilla Pro Elite Protein Powder OWYN Pro Elite Protein Powder Smoothie

Simple, free of dairy, gluten, AND sugar alcohols! It was nearly impossible to find a protein powder like this and I'm so happy I found OWYN!

Cassandra R.
OWYN Chocolate Protein Powder in the Air

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Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder FAQs

  1. Who is Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder for?

    This high protein powder is an optimal choice for those aiming for lean muscle growth and performance recovery benefits. Our Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder contains all 9 essential amino acids and a blend of vitamins and minerals that support peak performance, muscle recovery,muscle building, endurance, and overall fitness.

  2. Does protein powder make you gain weight?

    Protein powders help contribute to a balanced diet and daily caloric intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Boosting protein intake can help to support weight management, muscle development and recovery. 

  3. What can I mix Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder with?

    For a quick and easy protein shake mix the powder with 8-10 oz of water. However, there are no set rules when it comes to combining protein powders with other ingredients. It’s all about finding combinations that you like the taste of and that help you reach your health goals. Get inspiration on how create the perfect smoothie created by our Registered Dietitian.

  4. Can OWYN Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder be used as a meal replacement?

    While our Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder is high in protein, contains a Vitamin and Mineral Blend, and contains all 9 essential amino acids, this product does not contain a balanced macronutrient profile. The Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder can be used as a meal replacement when mixed with other nutrient rich ingredients to make a balanced macronutrient profile, defined as a balanced portion of protein,carbs and fats.

    If you are looking for a product suitable for meal replacement, our Complete Nutrition Shakes have a balanced macronutrient- ratio, containing 20g of plant protein, 23 vitamins & minerals, vegan omega-3s and antioxidants to support immune health.

    Explore our recipe page for nutritious and delicious ways to incorporate OWYN Protein Powder into your meals.

  5. When is the best time to consume Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder?

    Many athletes choose to consume protein within 30 minutes to an hour after a workout to aid in optimal muscle recovery and growth. For more tips on when and how to take protein shakes, check out our blog How to take protein shakes. 

  6. What are Essential Amino Acids and BCAAs? What do they do?

    Amino acids are the fundamental components of proteins. Essential amino acids are those the body can't produce and must be obtained through diet. BCAAs are comprised of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, specifically have been shown to increase muscle mass and strength during training. Our Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder is rich in protein, has all 9 essential amino acids, and contains 5.5g of BCAAs per serving. This can help aid in muscle growth and recovery.

  7. How is your Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder sweetened if there is ZERO sugar?

    Our protein is sweetened with monk fruit extract that does not contain erythritol. We are proud to assure you that our products are free from all sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. Our team of medical professionals guide our mission to provide premium formulations that never compromise on nutrition or taste.

  8. I’m pregnant, can I drink OWYN?

    We are proud to say that many pregnant moms-to-be drink OWYN. OWYN is recommended by OBGYNs nationwide. However, we always recommend speaking with a health care professional prior to making changes to your diet.

  9. Is the Pro Elite Powder safe for diabetics?

    The Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder contains 0g of sugar and is a good source of fiber which helps with blood sugar control. We recommend consulting with your health care provider for which nutrition products are the best for you.

  10. Is the Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder Keto friendly?

    Our Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder is keto friendly, with zero sugar and low net carbs. We encourage you to consult with your personal healthcare provider to ensure that our product is the best option for you and your specific needs.

  11. How does protein support muscle recovery and growth?

    Protein, a macronutrient, plays a key role in the development and maintenance of every cell in our bodies. Protein is made up of amino acids, which are used to repair and grow muscles.

    Wondering how much protein you need in a day? Read our blog by our in-house Registered Dietitian.

  12. What is the amino acid profile of OWYN Pro Elite Plant Based Protein?

    Below is the breakdown of the amino acid profile for OWYN Pro Elite High Plant Protein Powder:

    - Alanine: 1.33 g

    - Arginine: 2.41 g

    - Aspartic Acid: 3.50 g

    - Cystine: 350 mg

    - Glutamic Acid: 5.03 g

    - Glycine: 1.22 g

    - Histidine: 720 mg

    - Isoleucine: 1.46 g

    - Leucine: 2.51 g

    - Lysine: 2.20 g

    - Methionine: 370 mg

    - Phenylalanine: 1.74 g

    - Proline: 1.42 g

    - Serine: 1.53 g

    - Threonine: 1.14 g

    - Tryptophan: 340 mg

    - Tyrosine: 1.18 g

    - Valine: 1.57 g

  13. Does protein powder expire?

    OWYN Plant Protein Powder is shelf stable for 12-months.