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Foods to Avoid With Colitis

Our vegan protein shakes and powders never contain artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. At OWYN, we carefully select high-quality, clean ingredients that provide well-balanced nutrition to fuel your body and support your overall health.

  • To help prevent gut disturbances

    Lactose Free

    To help prevent gut disturbances

  • To help prevent gut distress

    No Sugar Alcohols

    To help prevent gut distress

  • Only high-quality, clean ingredients

    No Artificial Ingredients

    Only high-quality, clean ingredients

Expert Recommendation

“It's the ideal snack that provides balanced macronutrients without common food triggers.”

Laura H., Registered Dietitian

How OWYN's Protein Shakes benefit your Colitis Diet

  • With 20 g of protein, 10g of carbohydrates, and 6g of healthy fats, OWYN's Protein Shakes provide a well-balanced, nutritious snack or mini-meal to keep you nourished
  • Clean, superior ingredients to provide quality calories and protein your body needs without the ingredients it doesn't
  • Unlike other plant-based protein shakes that are loaded with artificial ingredients and thickeners, OWYN is clean and easily digestible to prevent gastrointestinal disturbances without ever compromising on taste
  • Delicious plant-based shakes that do not contain lactose, fructose, sugar alcohols, or artificial ingredients to help prevent exacerbating symptoms