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Bored with your protein shake?

bored with your protein shake?

Oh, to be the lucky ones who can view their food as fuel

and set aside the need for tantalizing flavor diversity, enjoyment of every sip and bite and daily variety. Even those who are not foodies get bored with broccoli and quinoa sitting on their plate every night. Food has options, endless combinations, spice profiles, consistencies and cooking methods, but what about that protein shake that is served up every day? How can that be a bit more appealing?

First, choose a protein supplement that comes in more flavors than just chocolate and vanilla. It doesn’t matter how creamy and delicious it is, one day it will just be another chocolate drink.

OWYN offers a smooth vanilla and dark chocolate, but we also offer tropical, strawberry banana, and a rich cold brew coffee.

With six unique tastes, there is very little back to back necessary, so grabbing a ready to drink version or throwing a pack of powder in your gym bag is no big deal. For the do it yourself option, it’s easy to switch it up because the base is up to you. Matcha protein mixed with green tea and honey makes a soothing snack. Strawberry Banana blended with almond milk is a dessert waiting to happen. Chocolate almond milk shaken with cold brew coffee protein just brought your mochaccino to a whole new level! Or go reversed and mix your vanilla with chilled coffee for a vanilla latte with a kick. Whip dark chocolate powder in with the yogurt of your choice, and voila, instant mousse.

It’s fun to play with the base of your drink. Orange juice with vanilla, apple juice with turmeric golden mylk, pineapple juice with vanilla protein powder, the combinations may surprise you. To experiment shake up small versions trying several different liquids with one flavor of OWYN powder. Write down your favorites, so you can be sure to stock up on mixing liquids.

When on the go protein isn’t a priority, your daily shake can become a culinary masterpiece. There are endless recipes on the web, so be sure to have your favorite nuts, seeds, spreads, fruits, milks, vegetables and plenty of ice stocked in your kitchen. The protein shake can quickly become a smoothie with unlimited potential. Strawberry-banana blended with coconut milk or water, a few macadamia nuts and frozen pineapple turns into an island delight. Chocolate and vanilla are extremely versatile. A classic blend is chocolate, nut butter and banana, or create a cookies and cream with vanilla protein powder, cacao nibs and coconut yogurt.

Don’t forget your spices!

Grab the cold brew coffee protein and mix in vanilla extract, cinnamon, ground nutmeg, clove and ginger, using your preferred milk base and a chai protein is born. For an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, make a pitcher of golden milk with turmeric, cinnamon, ground ginger, pepper and honey simmered in coconut milk. Keep it in the refrigerator and use it with matcha or vanilla. Embrace the spice by throwing in a dash of cayenne and cinnamon in the chocolate or coffee flavors. Add in fresh mint or basil to the strawberry banana or tropical for a green twist.

Bored with your protein shake?

When you’re tired of drinking your protein, it may be time to enter the world of bowls. A protein packed smoothie bowl is extremely satisfying when you feel the need to sit and eat. Different liquids create different consistencies when blended with protein powders. This can all be adjusted with quantity. The goal here is to create a yogurt or pudding consistency. If using water and ice, to get a creamier dish, add in a banana or half an avocado. Baked beet, sweet potato and carrot also make excellent creamers and add in an extra health component. Any nut butter or tahini makes a thicker base as well.

Once you have a creamy consistency, get creative with your toppings. Fresh berries, toasted seeds, salted nuts, dried fruit, shredded coconut, puffed grains, raw oats, granola, cereals, fresh herbs, drizzled honey, maple syrup, agave, spooned nut butter, cacao nibs, any fresh or frozen fruit, seriously raid your kitchen and see what you come up with. A dash of cinnamon, red pepper flakes, all spice and your smoothie bowl becomes a five-star meal!

There is no reason for your daily shake to be a daily bore. Head over to all the delicious flavors OWYN has to offer and let your creativity begin.

Baked beet, sweet potato and carrot also make excellent creamers.