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Protein Shakes

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20g of plant protein with allergen-friendly ingredients, a multi-source plant protein blend, superfood greens, and vegan omega-3s. Rich & decadent in flavor, ideal for on-the-go.

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America's Favorite Vegan Protein Shake!

What's Inside Matters.

  • 100% Plant-Based & Vegan

    20 grams of complete protein providing all 9 essential amino acids

  • 5g Net Carbs

    Supports ketogenic and low carb diets

  • 535mg Vegan Omega-3

    OWYN provides an excellent source of omega-3 ALA. These vegan omega-3s are known to be anti-inflammatory on the body.

What's Inside Matters.
  • Low in Sugar

    We use only monk fruit extract and organic cane sugar - No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, or stevia

  • Superfoods Greens Blend

    Every bottle of OWYN contains Broccoli, Kale, and Spinach

  • Zero Major Allergens

    All of our products are tested to ensure they are free from the Top 8 allergens, including dairy, soy, gluten / wheat, egg, peanuts, and tree nuts

Non GMO Project Verified
Allergy Friendly
FARE - Food Allergy Research & Educationr
OWYN 20g Protein Shake VarietyOWYN 20g Dark Chocolate Protein ShakeOWYN 20g Cookies and Creamless Protein Shake

Love this drink - awesome flavor & fills me up while giving me all the protein I need.

Michelle C.
OWYN 20g Smooth Vanilla Protein Shake

Nothing But The Truth. And Happy Customers.

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