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Plant Based Shakes

Plant Based Nutrition for IBS

Managing IBS symptoms can be frustrating, especially as you try to figure out what foods you can tolerate without gut discomfort. We understand that finding a nutrition solution that is gentle on your system to help you stay nourished and replace lost nutrients is important.

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At OWYN, our plant based protein shakes were designed with easy to digest ingredients that provide powerhouse nutrients to keep you feeling your best.

Pure, complete nutrition. Made with only the good stuff.

  • OWYN_Icons_Allergens

    No Dairy

  • OWYN_Icons_Allergens

    No Gluten

  • OWYN_Icons_Allergens

    No Soy

  • OWYN_Icons_Allergens

    No Egg

  • OWYN_Icons_Allergens

    No Peanuts

  • OWYN_Icons_Allergens

    No Tree-Nuts

  • OWYN_Icons_Allergens

    No Fish

  • OWYN_Icons_Allergens

    No Shellfish

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Expert Recommendation

"OWYN's plant based shakes are ideal for IBS because they do not contain sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, lactose, or gluten."

Laura H., Registered Dietitian

How OWYN's Protein Shakes can help prevent IBS Symptoms

  • Easy-to-digest, plant based ingredients without lactose or gluten to help ease symptoms
  • Specialized soluble fiber to balance the gut microbiome and help the gut work normally
  • No sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners, like sucralose, that have been linked to gut discomfort
  • Every lot of finished product is tested by 3rd party laboratories to ensure no cross-contact with any of the top 8 food allergens, including: milk, gluten, and soy